Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joe McNally comes to Canada July 2012

Joe McNally is bring his One Light / Two Light Seminar to Canada with stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and here in Toronto on July 7th at the Toronto Congress Center , 650 Dixon Rd (in the Leonard Cohen room). I've seen Joe before and he is a genius when it comes to lighting with flash big or small units and makes learning fun with his humor.

from Kelby Training:
"The One Light, Two Light Tour, with Joe McNally is all about creating great lighting! All day, lighting problems, solutions, tactics and strategies will be demonstrated, live, using simple gear and small flashes. It's about producing stunning results that will thrill clients without tugging an eighteen-wheeler full of gear around with you. For over five hours, Joe will be shooting onstage with every frame shown immediately on screen, and he’ll mix in short video clips of lighting lessons in the field, all designed to show you how to get great results every time, with a minimum of gear."

If you are interested in lighting or using flash this is one guy who is a must see... remember NAPP members can attend at a discounted fee of $79.

Aftermath Update : Joe amazing as usual, making it look so easy. This is the second time I've attended a McNally seminar and he is a very informative and humorous instructor. He broke the sessions up with videos and images from some of his recent jobs. Interesting to hear what happens to guys that are making a living or trying to in the business. Shooting a wedding the McNally way, 330 Gig worth of images... cant imagine sorting through that amount of work.