My Camera Bag

I've been interested in photography on and off since high school. I shot B&W film with a manual Pentax SLR  and setup a small darkroom in a storage area off my kitchen. Making my own prints was great, but hated working with the chemicals. My first digital camera was a small 2megapixel Canon A20 but soon found it limiting, so I migrated to a more feature rich camera the Canon G3. The G3 had most of the features of a full DSLR including RAW format, aperture and shutter priority modes but I found the shutter lag to be painful and missed a lot of shots waiting for the camera to respond.
 I'm now on my third DSLR, the Canon 7D after upgrading from a 40D and 20D, both were great cameras and I still have both bodies today. Here is a list of what's in my arsenal of equipment:

Canon 7D, 40D, 20D
Canon 800mm f5.6L IS
Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS
Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS
Canon 100mm f2.8 L IS Macro
Canon 70-200mm f4 L IS
Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS
Canon 50mm f1.8
Canon 17-40mm f4 L
Canon EF 1.4x II & Canon EF 2x II Extenders
Canon 580EX, 580EX II Speedlights
Pocket Wizard Flex TT5, Mini TT1 and AC3 flash triggers
Wimberley II head, Gitzo GT3530LS Fiber Tripod, Manfrotto: 695CX Fiber Monopod