Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canon 7D MkII coming?

Rumor has it Canon is about to update their pronsumer APS-C sized DSLR,  EOS 7D released way back in 2009. They updated the firmware last year to breath new life into this older model DSLR and it was remarkable what this firmware update provided. Increasing the buffer from 15 to 25 Raw images before things start to slow down. Allowing users to set a maximum ISO so they can comfortably use the auto ISO feature and for the video user they corrected the audio level nightmare that many complained about.
 The new 7D MKII  as it's been referred too is rumored to have the following specs:

  • 20 - 24mp APS-C Sensor
  • Dual DIGIC V
  • 61 AF Points
  • 10fps
  • Dual Memory Card Slots (Unknown configuration)
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Build quality like 5D3
  • GPS & Wifi
  • ISO Performance to get close to the 5D3
I hope the reference to better ISO performance is true, my only real complaint with the current 7D. Rumored release dates on late spring to late summer have been swirling around, and again the whole thing is rumor so we will have to wait and see.