Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sheraton Centre Peregrines

On May 28th the Canadian Peregrine Foundation hosted a public viewing of the Peregrine Falcon banding of this year's chicks at the Toronto Sheraton Centre.  Members of the Ministry of Natural resources brought the chicks in off the 43rd floor ledge where they call home to be banded. They installed two bands one on each leg they consist of both Canadian Wild Life Service and U.S. Fish & Wild Life bands.

There were three young this year all males which are identified by their weight. The males will weigh less than the females and both will be larger than their parents come fledge time, baby fat.

To calm the chicks down a young volunteer would spray a shot of water into their mouths, an old falconer's trick. This may be to only the water these birds will consume during their life, if you see a falcon drinking water they are often sick. The three males were named  Star-Scribe,  Lorenzo  and Legacy each had different colored tape added to their bands so they could quickly be identified when the fledged. Legacy was named by the some ladies who were in attendance from Rochester NY. Legacy's mom Rhea Mae was an offspring of a Rochester Falcon Mariah.

Star-Scibe,Legacy and Lorenzo (L-R) being held by MPP Glenn Murray, Sheraton Ctr representative, volunteer.

I would like to thank the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and the Toronto Sheraton Centre Hotel for this opportunity to see and photograph these majestic birds up close.

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