Friday, September 24, 2010

Makeup Application and Flash Photography

 In the past two years while photographing the Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF) I've noticed a couple of strange makup applications on a couple of celebrities. They look perfectly normal when viewed with the naked eye, but once the flash hits them at night parts of their face start to mysteriously glow. Lisa Kudrow was the first person that I noticed. All of my images and those that I've seen posted elsewhere like at "Getty" or "Wire Image" all look like a reverse raccoon, a slightly blue glow under both eyes.

  The Second example of this was during this year's festival. Elizabeth Shue had the same glow about her, although it appeared to be a little more extreme running further down her cheeks. Elizabeth is still a very pretty women and could drop the makeup entirely or at least rethink it's application.

I know little to nothing about make up or it's application, but it looks as if a lightening base wasn't blended in properly or something. Makeup artist maybe need to test their work with a darkened room and a digital camera before sending their clients out in front of the paparazzi because the results posted are not too flattering.I always thought make up if applied properly would enhance some features/contours of the face make the eyes pop etc  and conceal imperfections. The application here does neither, the eyes may pop but i don't think in a way that was intended.

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