Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashbus Tour (McNally & Hobby)

 Two different styles of lighting and two different ways of teaching combine as Joe McNally and David Hobby  join forces to explore and explain good light — good light done fast and well. One fully manual and the other via TTL. Spend the day studying light as you watch over the shoulders of two experienced professionals. Their paths may be different, but the end goal is the same -- to create interesting light that is appropriate to the subject and to do it in an intuitive way.
 I've watch all of the Joe McNally videos that are available via the Kelby training site. I've also bought David Hobby's first lighting DVD course and both were great, cant wait to see them live.

The tour bus heads out to Seattle on March 11th  and hits 29 cities in 6 weeks the cost of this light show is:

Event only: $99.95
Event + David Hobby's "Lighting in Layers" DVD (new for 2011): $239.95
Event + Joe McNally's "The Language of Light" DVD (new for 2011): $239.95
Event + David Hobby DVD + Joe McNally DVD: $349.95

Seats are selling out quickly so book today... Flash Bus Tour

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