Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birding: The Central Park Effect

 Recently watched a wonderful documentary on Netflix called "Birding: The Central Park Effect" which follows the birding life inside Central Park. When I think of New York I do not think of a good birding location, but Central Park it turns out is a green oasis in a concrete jungle. This sea of green attracts migrates in the thousands as they make their way to and from their breeding grounds.

 This scientific phenomenon has been given a name called "the Central Park Effect" and this great film by Jeff Kimball captures the amazing variety of species of birds and birders that visit this urban wilderness over the period of one year. One of the main characters of the film Star Saphir has found over 259 different species of birds in Central Park and had lead bird walks in the park since 1975. She continued to do so while fighting her battle with breast cancer, sadly she passed in February of 2013.

  This is a must see and was one of the first programs watched when I recently join Netflix. If you haven't seen it and are interested in birds or nature, please track it down. It's available in iTunes to buy or rent.

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