Monday, July 18, 2011

Concert Photography: Kim Churchill

I tried my hand at concert photography during the Montreal International Jazz Festival last week. Wow a whole different environment from what I'm use to. Even though the venue was outside in early evening (7pm) the concert was located in a beer tent which was both dark and crowded. I didn't want to use flash as it would have disturbed the artist and the audience. I tried a variety of lenses and camera settings to account for the lack of light and audience member's in front of me. Even though I was seated early and had a pretty good spot so I thought, seating arrangements became rather informal as we approached show time and I had a fair number of people between me and the stage once it started.

 The artist was a 20 year old Aussie named Kim Churchill who is talented beyond his years. This guy was magical with a guitar and after breaking a string mid song he continues to finish sounding better with five strings than most do with six. Oh and he also plays a drum kit and harmonica while also controlling electronics with bare feet to introduce reverb/echo to give some songs an ethereal sound. Everyone was blown away by this VERY talented song writer / one man band... Simply one of the best concerts I've seen in a very long time... 

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