Thursday, July 28, 2011

High Park Purple Martins

 The Purple Martins were back again in High Park this year. They were actively feeding their young in at least 3 of the 12 available nesting holes. All but a couple of the young had fledged by the weekend of the 23rd and most were soaring around the house and over the pond. Adults were still returning with food to the north side of the house, I suspect there were a few late bloomers on that side still waiting to earn their wings.
 They were feeding on dragon and damsel flies and what appeared to be a cicadas too... Where exactly they were getting those I'm not sure as I thought they only gathered insects in flight, I know cicadas have wings not sure how active they are? Also noticed that some returning birds were soaking wet, guess they either took a bath or got too low chasing a meal out over the pond. I've read that they abandon the nest soon after all of their young have fledged, so I suspect that they'll be gone until next year within a week or two.

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